Add Capture Points to Ten Star

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Straight forward: Ten Star plays far too quick in Assault/Battle. Add more Capture Points to give teams something to get their teeth into!
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Also recommend adding a delay before the next point becomes active (only 20 seconds or so) to give the defenders a chance to counter the offending team's momentum.

By this I simply mean you shouldn't be able to cap it for the 20 seconds immediately after capping the previous point. It should still come up on the HUD etc. so that the attacker's momentum can be used to mount a counter-offensive at the point until it is...'armed'.
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sounds good, would need some testing to get the exact delay time balanced, but in principle another sound way to give attackers and defenders time to refocus.
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Agreed on Spanner_'s post.
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Agree to Spanner_'s post. Additionally a 30 second, or so grace period on round start (no capping possible), as it seems people have very different loading times for the maps.
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Dear FM, this are only cosmetics that will take you only little of your time, but will improve gameplay felling vastly...
Me personally am for making capturing points order in battle similar to what it is in "The Arc" (first cap B, then the last one)