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The current assault rifle is very versatile and balanced. Yet a little more variety in weaponry would be welcome. The kind of weapon used should be determined by a class which you can change between respawns (no picking up weapons).
All my suggested weapon loadouts should keep the grenade launcher and bayonet - not necessarily as a weapon attachment, but functionally. The properties given to the weapons are not absolute but should give an idea of how to use the weapon. Balancing would of course be needed.

I have three weapon systems in mind so far:

1) Assault Rife (now in game)
clip: 60 rounds
primary mode: full auto, good accuracy while tapping/bursting
secondary mode: scoped sniper, 10 round burst, very high accuracy, weapon sway
appearance: bulky assault rifle model with scope

2) Railgun/Shotgun
clip: ~10-20 rounds
primary mode: semi-automatic (~60 rpm), very high accuracy, long range, high damage (~70% suit integrity for body hits, head/tank shot instant kill), high recoil (does not recover fully while recycling)
secondary mode: semi-automatic (~30 rpm), 3-6 rounds in a scattered shotgun-like pattern, only accurate in close quarters due to bullet spread
appearance: slimmer than the AR, longer barrel

3) SMG
clip: 60 rounds (40-80 ... balance?)
primary mode: semi-automatic (limited by mouse click speed) / three-round burst (bursts: ~60 rpm) / full-auto (higher ROF than AR), less bullet damage than AR, semi-auto and burst good accuracy, full-auto less accurate than AR
secondary mode: firing mode switch
appearance: smaller, shorter than AR (snub nose)

Basically the goal is to cater to different play styles. The Railgun/Shotgun is intended for cautious players who favor accurate aiming over mobility. The SMG should appeal to agile players who like close quarter battles. The proven AR is a balanced alternative.

This is a base for discussion about sensible weapon additions to SH. I know many players prefer the "one fits all" weapon approach, but others would like more variety. I think the key when introducing new weapons is to make them as balanced and well-rounded as the current AR. Feel free to suggest improvements.
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Official Response
More weapon variety has been added with the Firepower weapons pack which was released May 5. There are now five primary weapons: railgun, machinegun, assault rifle, SMG and shotgun. In addition there are three secondary weapons: pistol, grenade pistol and mining pick and three new grenades: flare, pulse and decoy. More details here: