Make use of willing players for in-game team balancing

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Instead of the common approach towards keeping teams balanced during a match by forcibly moving someone onto the other team, I suggest trying to find those players who are willing to switch teams to keep the game balanced.

For example, rather than forcing a player that player could be presented with a prompt asking if he or she wants to switch, maybe for a few points. If the system can rank how well players will balance the teams then they can be asked in order, either individually or in small groups (obviously the first to agree in the group would be the only one switched). Only if all responses are negative will the system have to revert to forcing someone.


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FM_James, Community Manager

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Official Response
In March 2012 Futuremark Games Studio was acquired by Rovio Entertainment (creator of Angry Birds).

Futuremark will continue to offer limited customer support for Shattered Horizon, Hungribles and Unstoppable Gorg, but no new games, sequels, DLC or ports to other platforms are planned. As a result we are changing the status of this suggestion from "under consideration" to "not planned".

Building great communities was always one of the aims of the studio, so on behalf of the team I would like to thank everyone who enthusiastically shared their ideas and suggestions here on our support site.