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Spawn in groups, have a spawn counter that releases troops together every 10 seconds or something this would spawn teams in waves instead of 1 by 1.
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Posted 7 years ago

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Spawn waves are tried an true, and make for better cohesion.
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Interesting suggestion for FFA & clanwars, only as a server side option. (not default)
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spawning in groups is deffo a good idea for the are domination modes as they at least encourage attacking a control point as a group and not as solo warriors. It works with dod:s
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this idea would proberly work in pub but defiantly not clanwars deebz..
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clanwars dont need to respawn, once you are dead you're dead. This way it is easier to enjoy a little dark meat and oyster stuffing while waiting to respawn with your group.
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I would like it if there was an always-repeating countdown to 15 or so, and at the end all the dead players respawn. 15 seconds isn't too long to wait, but it makes it a lot easier to work together when you respawn, and adds a small incentive to stay alive rather than be reckless.
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almost made a redundant post ;D

so here what i had in mind to group spawning

Group Spawning what do i mean by that!?

You may have figured out by now that some games cant be won because an endless wave of enemies is defending And your team is spread to pieces because anybody starts alone and is off playing rambo. :D

Since this is a teamplaying and most Clans practicing waitin at spawn till the squad is complete it came to my mind that SH could benefit from another spawning system as its current.

Of course this should be manageable through the admin panel or a voting system.


2-3 instantly

4-8 = 2

9-12 = 3

from 12 - 16 players = 4 or more players minimum spawn

so for a full team cycle 3 waves or 4 waves should be a teststart setting.
even a harder mode more clan like with 2 or 1 wave i can see. ;D

Or only 3 left than spawn the rest.

This is something to play with and not stone written. And since there is no spec mode it wouldnt be fun to wait so we need that before we try to use waves ;D

Just a open camera on ur dead body would be fun on some maps but would also be terrible usable for exploitation.
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I'm used the following at day of defeat:
first player to be killed starts a counter, let's say 7 seconds. Everyone getting killed till the counter is at 0 will spawn with him. Next player dead toggles a new counter.
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Supported. As nn said spawn waves are proven to work quite well and i think it would improve the game and encourage teamwork. Nawoa allready made the right suggestion with the respawn timer. Nobody will notice or care if they have a delay of 5 seconds in their respawn and appreciate if they start with a buddy they can try to work together or follow if they're new to the game and dont now the map.
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I would support it, but just not yet. i think we need to wait for the voice chat implementation as it could give the opportunity to make up tactics, and waiting at spawn for more to spawn would be one of them. The problem that people might not have thought about: if there is a wave spawning it could give the opposing team the time to cap points during this time. If we take the extrem case that everyone is dead and the whole team has to wait to respawn this could be a rather annonying problem and hurt more than it would help.

So occasional ramboing on points to defend them is not that bad if correctly executed. a good player might being able to take out 3 guys on a point if caught on surpise. In the other case where no one can get there fast enough because everyone is waiting for wave spawn it would mean u loose the game or the point.
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Well, i think especially without the voicechat the spawning in waves would increase teamwork since you have a high chance of some1 spawning with you right away. Also the spawn timer should be so balanced that the average stays the same, so with some luck you respawn sooner. Yes, you might lose the last point because your spawn got delayed, but you might also spawn just in time with a team of 3 to mount one last coordinated attack. I think if programmed correctly this should work out well as it does in other games like tf2.
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mmm maybe spawn ontop of squad commander :D
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We are thinking of new game modes, and optional modifications for the old game modes. A server option for wave spawning of some sort is not out of the question, but we want to get Moonrise out first, and then get some good data on all the levels.
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I hate waiting to spawn as it is without having an extra delay. If players are good you will end up making one guy wait another 10 seconds in the "hopes" that more people will spawn at once. They wont because nobody else died.

I think it would be better to have the game notice if people are dieing in spawn too much and act accordingly by spawning in a different location away from local enemies in spawn areas. This would make sense if a commander or someone in the army knew the enemy was in a LZ, they would have to use a different location until that LZ can be cleared by the team.
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Awesome idea. And, for those who don't like this idea, here's a simple idea!

Make it a server option! :D (Either a server-wide option, or a per-round map/mode/extra settings option)
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We need soo much this spawn in groups with spectate mode, while you are dead!
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Hey this would solve the spawn killing issue too!
Actually that Spawn killing, where enemies entering the spawn (for purpose or not), because they got bashed by the groub which is spawning ...
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Spawning in groups is a nice idea and like many others have stated, I'd prefer it to be a server side option.