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The reactions to my previous suggestion (and others) for new weapons in SH have been varied. While some people would be interested in more weapon choices to fit their play styles many are strong advocates of the current assault rifle. Its versatility and the balancing advantage the "one weapon approach" offers are hardly disputable.

Taking some comments to my initial ideas into account, I went back to the drawing board. The main functions of the AR - automatic fire and the grenade launcher - are so well-balanced and integral to SH gameplay that I would refrain from making changes to them. Its third function - the scoped sniper mode - is in itself target of some dispute right now. To me it seems the right leverage point for sensible changes.

The basic idea of this new approach is to make the "secondary fire" attachment on the AR (now the sniper) interchangeable. I suggest two new attachments in addition to retaining the sniper "attachment" as it is. The kind of weapon attachment could be chosen from a menu between respawns. The default attachment a player starts with should be choosable from the game setup menu and/or upon joining a server. Of course each player would only have one attachment at a time. Activating an attachment would work the same way as it does now - toggled by the "secondary fire" key binding.

The two new suggested attachments are:

1) Shotgun
This is a close combat attachment. It loads 20 bullets (preliminary number, please discuss) and fires them in a wide-spread pattern. It is deadly (one hit kills possible) at close range and allows to hit multiple enemies if they are bunched-up.
balancing factors:
Due to the large spread it is only effective at very close ranges. Loading many bullets at a time spends the clip quickly, forcing the player to frequently reload. The recycle time between shots should be fairly long (1-2 seconds, please discuss) preventing too much burst damage potential.
visual appearance:
A wide short barrel either on top of the AR or offset to the side would be possible.

2) Railgun
This is an attachment for medium to long range. It sports the same damage potential and ammo cost (maybe more bullets, please discuss). Compared to the Sniper it lacks the scope but in turn allows for more mobility. It has no permanent sway like the Sniper.
balancing factors:
The recycle time is one possible factor. It could be similar to that of the Shotgun attachment. To limit the accuracy while moving I suggest the following: While thrusters (or the booster even) are engaged this attachment is in "recoil mode" (expanded crosshair) - just like the AR in full-auto. While being stationary or floating the weapon settles and becomes accurate after some time (0.5 - 1 sec, please discuss). Finally I suggest a visible weapon trail. After firing the trajectory of the projectile stays visible for a few seconds to give the attacked player a chance to locate the attacker in absence of a steady stream of tracers.
visual appearance:
I imagine extending the barrel of the AR by about 50% of the weapons length when activating this attachment and retracting it on deactivation. The time this animation takes would also prevent instant switching between semi-auto and full-auto and thus further balance the attachment. Additionally a AR with Railgun attachment could show some coils as visible bulges (representing the installed accelerator technology).
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I'd like some sort of grenade attachment. Trade the scope for an extra two grenades. The worst thing about surviving for more than two minutes is running out of grenades.